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Recipe: Beef Soup with Noodles

This is a recipe for the beef soup, as my grandmother used to cook it. For me, of course, this is the best beef soup in the world. 😋


  • 1 kg of beef
  • 1 beef bone
  • 1/2 celery
  • 1/2 leek or onion
  • 1 parsley root and leaf
  • 1 yellow carrot
  • 5 red carrots
  • Bay leaf
  • Biogetta for Soups

Put the meat and bone (better from older cattle) into a pot and cover with cold water. The amount of water depends on the amount of meat, but in principle water should completely cover the meat. I use per about 1 kg of meat about 3 l of water. Add the bay leaf and bring to boil. The soup must never boil hard. Before it starts to boil the foam accumulates on the surface. Remove this foam with a spoon. Then reduce the fire very much, so that the soup is boiling really slowly. Leave it like this for about 3 hours and play a monopoly game with your family or go for a walk. 😊

After three hours the kitchen is already smelling heavenly, so add the celery, leek, parsley root, yellow carrot and five red carrots. If you love them, you can add  more. Also add a tea spoon of Biogetta to the broth, wait for it to boil and leave it again for an hour to boil slowly.

Now pour clean soup into a small pot, add some carrots and Biogetta for soups as needed, and thin noodles. Sprinkle a little chopped fresh parsley on top. All you have to do now is enjoy the excellent taste of a wonderful home-made beef broth. 😋🥣