Bio brusnična sol in Bio brusnice v prahu

New products at Barbio’s

Grosuplje, November 29, 2017 – The young Slovenian company Barbio’s Ltd., who has been preparing natural vegetable and herbal spice blends for four years, has widened its offer with two new products: 100% Bio cranberry powder without added sugar or sweeteners and Bio cranberry salt .

Easier preparation of healthy and tasty dishes

Barbio’s intention is to facilitate easier preparation of quality and tasty meals in Slovenian households. With their innovative natural products the cooking is easier as they add excellent taste to the dishes without the use of additives such as preservatives, flavor enhancers, starches, fats, sugars and other. The ingredients in the products thus retain all the wealth of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances, while delicious meals are quickly prepared.

Biogetta, a natural mix of fresh organic vegetables and hand-harvested traditional sea salts, as well as herbal salts (Hemp, Mediterranean and Provance herbal salts) have now joined two new ecological products that complement the company’s offerings.

100% Bio Cranberry Powder

Bio cranberries are completely natural, with no added sugar or sweeteners, preservatives, dyes or other additives. They are hand-picked in nature and dried as whole and then finely ground. A such, they are extremely convenient for adding to various cereals, smoothies, yogurt, porridge and the like. They are a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and fiber. One spoon of powder corresponds to approximately 1.5 dl of fresh cranberries.

Bio Cranberry Salt

The cranberry salt is prepared from traditional sea salt, home-made spices and cranberries powder. In our herbal blend the cranberries add a refreshing taste, thus it enriches all kinds of salads, beef, venison, red cabbage and other dishes to your taste.

Herbs are ground just before the processing, so Barbio’s herbal salts have a unique, top-quality aroma and taste. The cranberry salt is prepared after carefully defined own recipe, and it gives you an unforgettable taste in your cooking masterpieces.

New products are already available

The products are currently available at the online store, and they will soon be able to complement the offer in major shopping centers and some home-based food stores that already offer Barbio’s products.

Barbara Meža

Barbio’s d.o.o.

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