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At this point I promise to make your cooking easier…

That is exactly why I make my products: to make your cooking easier. Homecooked food is incomparably better and healthier than industrially prepared, because we know exactly what it contains: how many and which fats, meat, vegetables, salt, spices etc. we used during cooking.

With the addition of 🥕Biogetta or 🌱Barbio’s organic spice salts cooking gets simpler and the taste just incredible! There are no more excuses not to eat tasty and healthy food.

Since I was a kid, I ‘ve always loved to play in the kitchen making my mom nervous (sorry mom) 🙂

After I’ve got my two children, I’ve become more involved in healthy diet and nutrition. Did you know, that food largely determines how we live, what diseases and allergies bother us and how we fight them from our birth?

I remember my grandmother and her big garden, where I often helped her as a little girl, growing the vegetables and harvesting the crops.

Zdrava prehrana zelenjava

My grandmother always carefully processed and stored the surplus for home canning: jams, pickles, frozen fruits and vegetables, salt-preserved foods … all completely natural and without any additives!

So I came up with the idea for my first product 🥕Biogetta. I’ve made the recipe for it and made it for my use at home. Since it is really a natural and top quality product, I now make Biogetta also for you.

I want to help all moms and dads to easier and healthier cooking for their kids without artificial additives such as preservatives, glutamates, colorings ets.

What do I use in production of my products?

I only use top quality ingredients from local organic farms. All 🥕veggies and 🌱spices are used without the long transport and storage, during which a lot of nutritious substances are lost.

Košnja trave

The veggies and spices in Barbio’s products thus maintain all the wealth of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances, while delicious meals are quickly prepared.

Why my products make cooking easier?

  • Biogetta makes anything you cook taste just heavenly delicious (risottos, sauces, pasta…). It’s a natural replacement for soup cubes and powders, containing 55% of veggies.
  • Biogetta for Soups, indispensable for all soups and stews,
  • Bio Chicken Spice Salt, just perfect seasoning for chicken, burgers and baked potatoes,
  • Bio Mediterranean Salt for fish, pasta, tomato salads and sauces,
  • Bio Provance Salt is simply delicious for beans and veggies,
  • Bio Cranberry Salt for beef, game or foal meet as well as perfect seasoning for salads.


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The Easy Cooking Package = 59,90 €

free shipping when purchasing two

– 2x Biogetta 330 g
– Biogetta for Soups 180 g
– Bio Chicken Spice Salt 75 g
– Bio Mediterranean Salt 75 g
– Bio Provence Salt 75 g
– Bio Cranberry Salt 80 g