We make healthy life easier!

No aditives

In our production we use no colorings, flavorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other artificial additives.

Local ingredients

The vegetables and herbs in Biogetta and spice salts maintain all the nutritious vitamins and minerals, and delicious meals are cooked in no time.

Want to know more?

How did we create Biogetta? Why are local ingredients important? Why is Biogetta great if you don’t have a lot of time?

  • Bio Cranberry Powder

  • Bio Cranberry Salt – refil

  • Bio brusnična sol v kozarčki 80g

    Bio Cranberry Salt

  • Biogetta for Soups, Barbio's

    Biogetta for Soups

  • Herbal salts gift package of two products

  • Herbal salts gift package

  • Bio Hemp Salt Refil

    Organic Hemp Salt Refil

  • Organic hemp salt

  • Bio Mediterranean Salt RefilBarbio's

    Organic Mediterranean Salt Refil

  • Organic Mediterranean salt

  • Bio Provence Salt Refil

    Organic Provence Salt Refil

  • Organic Provence salt

  • Biogetta


    5,90 5,31Sale!

Opinions of our customers

I started using Biogetta and spice blends Barbio’s. My son said, that I started to cook in a different way. The food tastes better!

Valerija Snoj Živec, Snoj Cars d.o.o.

I bought Biogetta in the shop, but I couldn’t find your salt. (I did look rather quickly) But Biogetta is definitely very tasty, our bolognese was much better today. 😊

Babi Deja, on Facebook

Biogetta is great!! I use it in almost all food I cook and it gives them a great taste. Compliments for such product. I haven’t used salt before and I admit the taste of my food was a bit empty. Now I feel I add something healthy to my food, and it tastes even better!

Vesna Pavlovič, DM women run

Fort he last two days we have been testing your excellent Biogetta. We used it in the soup, the dark souce and for chicken roll filling. The taste is really delicious, as well as the combination of vegetables and the structure of grinding.

Andrej Molk, the high school for food and tourism in Ljubljana
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