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Without artificial additives

In our production we use no colorings, flavorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other artificial additives.

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How did I create Biogetta? Why is local food important? Why is Biogetta great if you are short on time?

What our customers say about us

I bought Biogetta in Mercator, but I did not find your Organic herbal salts. (I really looked rather quickly). But Biogetta was very tasty, today it truly enhanced our meat and tomato pasta.

Babi Deja on Facebook

Biogetta is great!! I use it for almost all dishes and it gives them excellent taste, so all compliments for such a product! I used almost no salt in my cooking before and I admit that sometimes the taste was a little empty. Now I feel that I add something healthy to my meals, and they are even more delicious!

Vesna Pavlovič, DM run for women

Yesterday and today we tested your great Biogetta, addition to dishes. We used it in the preparation of soups, dark sauces and stuffing for poultry roulades. The flavor is excellent, as well as the combination of selected vegetables and its structure.

Andrej Molk, College of Catering and Tourism in Ljubljana

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